6 Things That Scare Every Average Engineering Student

The mentality of an average student during his/her graduation would be to study less, enjoy more, but still get good marks in the exams, which given the current academic syllabuses in the universities isn’t all that easy.

As an average engineering student when you don’t like to study much or not able to understand a particular subject no matter what, books and exams do scare or worry you. As a result of that, here are 6 things that every average engineering student would have encountered or be scared of during their academics.

  1. That moment when you are asked to pick the chit containing the experiment number during your lab exam which you have to clear to go through to next year.
  2. The day when you have two exams, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and are supposed to clear both of them for an entry to the next academic year.
  3. A must clear subject with a very poor average in internals. Meaning, you have to make up for that in the externals.
  4. That moment when you come to know that the teacher you hate the most or the teacher who hates you the most is your lab exam invigilator. The rivalry continues :D
  5. That moment when you have entered your university number, clicked on submit and are waiting for results.
  6. Finally, the most scariest one, that moment when your parents come to know your actual result.

If you are an engineer, and were an average student in academics, tell me what really scared you during your academics in comments below.

PS: This blog is based on my personal experience during my engineering. Based on a true story :D

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