If these things have happened to you, then your college life was wonderful

As it is said, college days and school days are the golden days in anyone’s life. I definitely believe in it, many do.

If you look back at those days, you could recollect the happy moments, tense feelings, and forgettable days you would have had. Yes, life is a bag of mixed feelings, cherish the good, and forget the bad.

Here are such moments which would make anyone go back to the college days. In short, for every student, happiness is when

  1. You get more marks in the exam than you expected.
  2. You pass the subject which you think you never would in the first attempt.
  3. You get only the questions in the exam for which you had prepared.
  4. You clear both the exams which were written on the same day.
  5. You take a copy chit to the exam hall and succeed in copying.
  6. The exam paper is leaked and you get access to it.
  7. The whole section mass bunks the class.
  8. You get exactly 35 marks in the exam, especially when you though you would fail.
  9. Yu read only one program and get to do the same one in the lab exam.
  10. The lecturer you hate or fear the most leaves your college to join another.
  11. The teacher invigilating the exams allows you to copy.
  12. You don’t fall short of attendance even when you literally haven’t attended any classes.
  13. You keep talking to each other in the class sitting in the last bench, but teacher doesn’t notice it.
  14. Your exams are over and the holidays begin.
  15. Your favorite teacher passes by your class and smiles at you.
  16. You participate in college day, and your whole class cheering for you.

I could think of only this much while I wrote this. What was your favorite moment during your college days, let me know in the comments below.

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