I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

Hi Penny, I definitely enjoyed reading your post and I can sympathize with the horrendous situation you thrown into. I actually thought you were initially referring to a company I used to work for in the Valley, until you began to disclose more details about the team and the product (some of the stuff that goes on in the Valley absolutely amazes me — in a WTF kind of way). What I didn’t love, however, was how you essentially threw individuals who are easily identifiable, under the bus. Yes, I was able to look everyone up at your former company, and I think it sucks that their reputations are now tainted because of other people’s actions. Why bring (mostly) innocent team members into the mix? Even though you didn’t enjoy working with ‘Jess’, why rip her to shreds like that? That seems like a very petty thing for a professional marketer to do. I was just starting out once too, and I can empathize with her inexperience and fear of losing her job. Same goes for your engineering team. I can’t my visa being tied to such a horrible company.

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