Questions for Google AMP
Matt Shull

The first two questions that come to mind for me is:

  1. Why is it accelerated “MOBILE” pages? It kind of implies its targeting mobiles. I agree that web pages need to speed up more for mobiles, due to slower internet connections (when on 3G) but why can’t AMP be used for ALL web pages, desktop and mobile? In my opinion, the focus should not be speeding up mobile pages, but speeding up web pages in general. There are soooo many slow websites out there it amazes me. Can we use AMP on the main responsive website, no need for mobile AMP versions.
  2. Why are Google referring to “mobile” even? Its not about mobile these days. Mobile is nothing to do with the device. There is no “desktop” or “mobile” anymore. There is only screensize. I often work on my Macbook Pro connected through my iPhone 3G. Yet I would likely be served Desktop pages, even though I am on a 3G connection. We need to get rid of this mobile vs desktop distinction and focus on screen size and network speed.

So I make the point, AMP (or any alternative if one exists) should be used to speed up the main responsive website, not require alternative mobile pages.

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