Portal 2 finally available on Steam!

We’ve all been waiting for it (well, at least I have), and the release date is finally not relevant anymore. Why..? The game is LIVE people! You can get it off Steam this very moment! The first game came so intriguing to me, I ended up really enjoying it — which is rare for a singleplayer game in my case. I am definitely looking forward to trying out Portal 2, especially after reading the countless amounts of highly positive reviews online.

The gameplay is so intuitive and the humor throughout the first game matched me perfect, I found it hilarious. And please people, don’t go looking for any Portal 2 crack from torrents or anything like that, support the creators and pay the small amount they are taking! (btw, it was absolutely not deliberate for SEO-reasons I used portal 2, crack & torrent in one sentence to experiment with traffic generation, /sarcasm off.. Sorry readers ^^)… Now.. lets see if the game can live up to my expectations!