Amour simple: ladies who dance

Waking up to have morning sex is the best. Even on limited sleep there’s something about a good fuck that puts an extra bounce in your step. We, the bro and I, walked to work together surrounded by the beautiful pink Parisian sky. It was 15 minutes of nerdy jokes, giggling and holding tightly to his arm. Work, as I recall was slow so there were many coffee breaks.

My paycheck arrived that afternoon which meant I could go grocery shopping! In the past I detested grocery shopping but now it’s meaning had changed and it was now something very different. I found it exciting and very much looked forward to it. I grabbed any vibrant greens, luscious fruits that I imagined would explode flavor with every bite. I towed the line between price and practicality, selecting grains and other staples that needed last through the month.

The abundance and color was glorious in my mini fridge. Earlier that day I had been invited to go out but all I wanted to do was stay home and cook.* My frolicking through the vegetable aisles had already made me late, what would be the harm in staying home? But Nas was a new, dear friend who was generous enough to invite this loud American to meet her friends. So I slowly closed the fridge, bending my neck so I could peek in to see all the elements until the door was fully closed, and headed out.

My favorite mode of transportation that summer was via Velib. I pumped over to Point Ephémère to meet up with Nas and her friends. I was thrilled that she invited me and psyched to find out it had a rooftop with a very exclusive-feeling entry. We drank, chatted in French and English until they closed.

Not feeling quite ready to leave, we went downstairs to drink cocktails and dance. The music was had that popular beat and our little gaggle of smiling ladies got more and more people on the dance floor. We tried to dance the night away but the DJ changed and none of us could focus on enjoying ourselves. Instead we cattily dissed his low level skill and upon discovering I suddenly had opinions about DJs, I decided to head home.

Bises were distributed and I hunted down the nearest available velib. There’s no need to do so but after a few drinks I love riding hard and fast, racing against nothing. It was a warm night and the wind was so cool on my sweaty face. As I parked the bike at the station near my apartment I rejoiced in how lucky I was to have been chosen to live in such a perfect location, the 9th arrondisement. I was becoming a better rider and the result was that every trip seemed to be easy and direct but at the time I attributed it to my location.

Revitalized by the bike ride, I chatted up the bro online. He was kind, honest and willing to have real conversations about anything. That night my doubts about his interest were calmed and I felt my feelings for him were validated and growing, quickly. This was just the news I needed to help me sleep. Bra off. Hair up. One hard fall to the pillow and I slept contently and immediately.

*I used to hate cooking and felt it an impossible task.

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