Rule 1: end your sentences with the name of the person you love

I got drunk with seven shots
 of tequila last night,
 because I failed to mumble
 your name too often
 that the next time i opened
 my mouth,
 I could no longer
 stop talking about you
 (you as the sunrise after a visit from unwanted lovers
 you as the song i put on repeat to calm the crashing waves
 you as the storm i never expected to arrive
 you as the gentlest shade of sunset i love
 you as the coldness i will embrace
 you as the epitome of a mess turned into masterpiece)
 my mouth tasted
 too sweet
 with your name.
 and babe,
 I got drunk all over
 with all the times
 I hoped you were with me;
 warmth against warmth
 your lips on mine
 our hearts beating to a secret rhythm
 a night that belongs to ours.

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