This is for you

This is for the ones who stay up until the sun kisses the sky in the morning with fists closed and heart trembling in fear, for the people too afraid to go to sleep because the reasons for waking up might walk away when we’re far too deep in our slumber, for the ones who cried themselves to sleep last night and woke up without a single sunshine waiting on the windowpane.

This is for the ones who fell in love with the boy on the sidelines; eyes following him while he make his way to the one he claims to love, for everyone who fell out of love and found the ashes of their love scattered by the whisper of the wind, for the brave ones who never tire of taking that leap, that risk, that hand that offers to wipe the tears away.

This is for the ones who got drunk because of the ghost of an ex-lover tasted very much like eight shots of tequila, for the ones who washed the same sheets three times in hopes that his scent will no longer linger in the home from all the love you have made, for the people who thought that a cup of black coffee is more than enough to take away the sweetness of his name.

This is for everyone.

Everything will be okay. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday it will be.


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