What is your biggest fear?

“What is your biggest fear?”

Not being able to live out every little part of this life that I want to. Waking up one day realizing it’s too late. Realizing that I didn’t go on that amazing road trip with my friends, that I didn’t get the best kiss underneath the moonlight or that I didn’t do all the mistakes that I needed to do to get the best rights I ever could.

It’s terrifying, you know? Thinking that the best day of my life can be around the corner and I can miss it. But I’m getting rid of that fear in a minute, you’ll see. I’m going to give myself all the best days of life, because at the end of the day I’m the only one who can do that. All the wanderlust, dreaming and longing will not stay in this chest of mine, I need to put all my wanting and needing on the line.

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