Gobble Gobble: Why we love Thanksgiving more than Christmas

The Thanksgiving Holiday is the biggest travel weekend of the year. Has been for several years. While many of us have therein decided not to travel just because of the volumes, it begs a question: Why is Thanksgiving more beloved than Christmas?

The answer is simple, really. There is no merchandising or commercial promotion focused on Thanksgiving. Actually, that means there are fewer exhortations to buy gifts or decorate imposed on us. I am not sure why. Somehow we have still escaped with just two elements: Family and meal.

Sure, the meal can be turned into a commercial. And yes, the merchandisers are working on that. You can buy just about anything for the meal — -turkeys made from something other than turkey, various “traditional” recipes for stuffing, cranberry sauce etc etc. But really — -no one exchanges GIFTS for Thanksgiving. No one goes to see the “Great Turkey” to sit on its withers and ask for gifts. No one worries about tinsel, or decorating a tree (or large poultry personage) during Thanksgiving.

No — -thanksgiving is just us. Just family around a table joking, laughing, arguing, sharing. Just us. Yet for some reason it has become the most popular and remunerative in terms of travel…we want to be there. We need that love in our life — without the packaging.

There is a message as “Black Friday” craps out and people gird their loins for the battle of Christmas. We just want to be left alone with those we love. Yup. Love them or hate them they are family. There is just not enough time to spend together.

So an appeal….please do not market Thanksgiving. Another message might be to back off the marketing of Halloween and Christmas if you want to make them more popular. We the people know what we want. We do not want “YOU THE MARKETING FOLKS” in our homes, on our internet, over our phones or even in our lives.

Just leave us alone for one meal where we can argue, laugh , cry and hug a whole lot. It is awkward, it is messy, and it is just perfect. We need this family time, and we know that.