This isn’t justice, this is bigotry

In the midst of polarizing video personality, Tomi Lahren, making headlines and being attacked on social, I decided to do some research. I skimmed through the tweets at her on my TweetDeck, viewing one tweet after another, watching as the mentions grew and within them, I saw something troubling.

I saw hate, I saw the very essence of bigotry these users so angrily spat at Lahren manifest within themselves. I saw a regressive society go up in arms at the opinions of one person.

However, most shockingly, I saw the hate in words come through vibrantly; bitch, cunt, bigot, racist, were commonly used words. One user even went as far to say that he will celebrate her death.

It’s true, Lahren is one of the most cringeworthy video personalities I have ever come across on the internet. Her combination of a condescending tone with a blatant, conservative agenda make her somewhat of a celebrity as this reality T.V. show we call a Presidential election takes place. She has gone on her show, “Final Thoughts,” on to discuss topics such as Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter, the current law enforcement situation and most recently, Colin Kaepernick.

Her discussions consist of shoddy opinions with them stretching the boundaries of actually being competent.

As I continued to read, I became more engrossed in the rage. I read each tweet in my head and I heard the anger, but all I could do was ponder;

Why is she called this? Hell, why is anyone called this?

The world we live in is not pretty. While I do not agree with the opinions of Lahren, I also don’t feel the need to use these words to bring across a point of her poor representation of journalism. These words just show how society, specifically the social media aspect, treat women in the media who they don’t agree with. They slander them, they berate them and they threaten them with horrible words and acts of violence.

Rape, killing.

How could anyone wish these traumatizing acts on someone else, no matter how polarizing they are? Yes, she deserves to be slandered for her condescending tone and lackluster opinions, but saying she deserves to die or be raped is a bit far.

To think about it, do these women deserve it as well? The hate, the anger, the harassment?

I can’t stand Lahren, I truly hate everything that she stands for, but I will never say she deserves to have her life traumatized because of her opinions.

Maybe she’s not the bigot in this conversation.