What is this cryptic static on Frank Ocean’s website?

What may seem like gargled mess of bass, synthesizers and static, may become a cryptic clue into Frank Ocean’s much anticipated Sophomore release, “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Print screen of my computer on boysdontcry.co, the self-titled website of Frank Ocean’s anticipated release. In the corner you can notice the Apple Music logo.

It may not mean anything, but it certainly seems like glimpses of hopes. 40 minutes into the static, “Limit To Your Love” by James Blake comes to the forefront, a song recorded on Blake’s self-titled debut in 2011. What could this mean? If anything?

We know James Blake has played a role in the creation of Ocean’s record, but it seems maybe this role goes a little deeper than maybe we as fans know.

After “Limit To Your Love” finished, the stream continued into the static. Maybe it’s a loop or maybe it’s a drawn out clue.

A fan can be hopeful right?