Yet another “Game of Thrones” review

Oh “Game of Thrones” you never seem to disappoint. I mean who doesn’t love politics and interbreeding? Obviously both are on the table since Jon hooking up with his auntie, taking a page out of the book the Lannisters wrote themselves, you know where Cersei is pregnant with another one of her brothers babies. Although I guess in the defense of Jon and Daeynerys they don’t know they’re related, which makes me wonder how they’ll react when they find out? One thing you can always count on in “Game of Thrones” is family is everything, I mean how many families can interbreed in one show? I’m slightly disturbed at Jon and Dany but thinking about Jamie and Cersei makes my skin crawl on whole other level, I mean the two literally shared a womb together.

Then theres the question of the note that was sent to Sansa from Jon. You know, the one saying he had given up his title as King and pledged himself and the North to Daeynerys. Oh and Cersei and her armies are now part of the cause. The one person Sansa and Arya hate more than anyone, especially Sansa, who at the moment has a hue of crazy in her eyes. Question is, after “The Great War” is over, will Sansa just stand back and let Jon and Daeynerys rule? Or will she tell Jon to kick rocks and take over the North? I mean technically its hers since Jon is really a Targaryen. Or maybe after finding out Jon is actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Daeynerys will have him burned alive. So many possibilities, unfortunately we have a year and a half to comb through all of the “what ifs”,but a big shout-out to the producers of show for the long wait.

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