Popping the cork on 2017: Top Consumer Startup Trends
Nicole Quinn

Great predictions here, Nicole!

I do think it’s worth nothing another rise in what very well could be the way consumer eCommerce thrives, and that’s through text-based + content -rich commerce.

I work with brands on a daily basis to strategize on what are the most experience-driven ways to enhance the customer-journey and bring elements of authentic discovery to the customer. The brands who offer a mix of guided experiences paired with non-friction touch points not only streamlines operations, increases sales, improves the customer experience and ensures loyalty, but are also the ones who will win in eCommerce over the next 5–10 years.

I firmly believe that this is the future of a deep eCommerce experience for consumers — personalization, conversational/text-based commerce, and infusion of curated content.

If brands get the above right, they can also capture points 2–4 in your predictions list ;)