Women are not especially ‘in charge’ of white supremacy, but many are willing accomplices to it — perhaps in part because they derive their own financial and physical safety from it, because they are raised for it. If they work against the power structures of whiteness, they turn white men into ‘cucks’, they are termed race traitors. It can be dangerous, and if there’s anything white women have been raised to do, it is to protect themselves until they can find a protector.
Oh, White Women
Farrah Bostic

A really bit of interesting insight, raised for white supremacy…the whole chattel thing. From the outside looking in, from listening to white women talk about their lives, it has always occurred to me that they are not particularly free.

They have stuff. Some time really nice stuff, but the lack of freedom, the sort of golden cage slaveness of many of their experiences is something that I have always found unappealing. From what I have observed, and I know this will shock so many given the trope our culture feeds us, I have never been particularly interested in being white. The average white American experience, for men or women, seems like a bad deal to me. It’s a totally different deal, for the men than the women, but either way, my observations have always left me dubious that the experience is as wonderful as advertisers sell it.