In the real world, nobody knows who these people are.
What’s with the Trumpsters and bodyguards?
Dallas Dunlap

Actually people do, and that is what they are afraid of. Regular people are watching the Trump administration far more closely than other administrations because his selections are wildly controversial and seem as being against aaathe agencies that they are heading. People believe Betsy Devos is about as destructive to the concept of education as a billionaire can get. She’s no Bill Gates, that’s for sure. At the end of the day, people are very angry and they do know the names of these people, and they watch what they do, protest their appearances at places. This is nearly unheard of for these kinds of public officials, who are largely unknown unless they are involved in some sort is scandal or controversy. But because so many of them are clearly working against the public interests, they are involved in scandal and controversy and when they go places, it gets ugly. You really ought to consider your policies when the result is torches and pitchforks everywhere you go.

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