In all of this, the one thing that has been overlooked is this duty. The police woman is defined as “woman. lesbian. black.” But none of those identities is relevant. The only thing about this person that mattered, the only part of this person that was present when someone’s life was at risk, was this DUTY.
And yet, in the literal reality of natural bodies of water, and drowning, and panic….If
St. Steven

And I agree with you. This is essentially what I said. I find the courage and the tenacity of rescue workers some of the most phenomenal and extraordinary energy on the planet. Son of Baldwin is not going to change this…it is in the fabric of who these people, people like you, are.

And what you do is truly awesome. But what he does is too. He is being provocative. He is saying outrageous things to make people think about the lives that get saved and the lives that don’t, and the lives that are taken by state sanctioned violence. This is a job that matters too. It’s a job often done by writers, who, much like rescue workers, put their own lives on the line to do it. Yes, he has made a lot of people comfortable with the status quo, quite uncomfortable. And that was the point. He did his job. Just like you do yours.

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