Anyway, to be clear, I believe passionately in free speech, but I wrote this piece because I’m tired of the hate. I think it’s eating us and our country from the inside and making it harder and harder to have a rational a time we really need that debate.
It’s Not Okay to Hate Hillary Clinton
Jennifer Hoelzer

And rational, sane people everywhere thank you! And by all means, delete the haters! Best idea ever! Hate speech is not free speech. No one deserves the onslaught of hateful, idiotic drivel that a seemingly endless number of crazies want to spew. You don’t deserve it, nor does any sane, reasonable person attempting to participate in authentic debate or discussion, deserve it.

And as for Hillary, I’m not a fan, but this relentless hating of Hillary, which has become a national pastime for many, is one of the sickest things I’ve ever witnessed. It has caused me to have far more respect for Hillary, than I had for her initially, because she takes it all in stride. I think she’s an incredibly strong person — whatever else anyone might think of her, you got to give her that. Her political machinations can get a little shady, but no more so than most politicians so it’s no cause for all this hate. Dick Cheney was hated less — and that guy shot his friend.

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