It’s very convenient that both you and them all say you just have to believe.
By the way, you left out the context of ‘sacred land’.
Michael Davey

And that’s true! But if you don’t believe, it’s never going to be true to you. If you want an invisible dragon to be spiritual truth for you, it will be! It’s like the whole wave, particle, dead cat thing…your observation, your belief is what drives the reality. It was Einstein who said, “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” I am not ascribing spiritual powers/beliefs only to Native Americans — anyone can have them! But they do require a certain shift of mind- the logical left brain will never get you there, it’s a creative, right brain thing and all the amazing geniuses like Einstein, Tesla, DaVinci knew how to access that spirituality to break through to higher levels of thought and innovation. You act like the way things are — fossil fuel usage, pipelines- are the only way things can be. There are unlimited energy sources on this planet, most of them cleaner than fossil fuels — so why the deep attachment to something that is nearly all gone? Fossil fuels have taken 300 million years to develop and have been diminished in about a century. It’s insanity. It needs to stop. And when it stops, we’ll figure other energy sources out! It’s not that complicated. But you know what is complicated? Putting together a 3 billion dollar deal, that benefits very few except the the very rich, and then having these pesky people who want, I don’t know, drinking water- how freaking ridiculous of them- muxing it all up! Do they really need to drink water and fish? No they should just go somewhere and die, right? I can tell what spirituality IS NOT…it is not that mindset right there.

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