The hypocrisy was as clear as day.
The Church Must Stand Against Sexual Assault- Here are 5 Ways She Can Start
Timil Jones

Christian hypocrisy has been clear as day to me for much of my life. Even though I was raised half Baptist and half Episcopalian, Christian hypocrisy disgusted me so profoundly, I had to leave the church, and seek spiritual guidance elsewhere. I cannot, I will not follow, people who preach from a morally superior place, but act in completely opposite ways. Many Christians do this in any number of countless ways. The racism, the sexism, the lust, the greed, the pettiness, the corruption that is rank in so many “Christian” organizations, has destroyed religion for so many people. Honestly, it’s amazing to me that anyone still believes any of it. I find that most Christians, seem to know nothing about and certainly do not follow the example of Jesus Christ — and that sort of makes everything labeled “Christian” quite suspect. What does that really mean anymore? Rarely do I associate the term with much that’s good; and I’m not saying there aren’t good or true Christians out there, but I am saying they don’t appear to be the norm.

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