Trump Shaker: A Scandal Reality Check.
Dave Pell

“Don’t get too excited when this Trump candidacy finally ends. The voters that are behind him are still there. And we have to find a way to communicate with them and understand them. It’s good for us, it’s good for America. And besides, they’re a lot better armed than we are.”

This is hysterical! (And true.) Obviously, from the responses you can see you hit a nerve here! All I am going to say, (in similar jest) that if it’s really going down, you know who I want on my team? The roughest, wildest rawest of the Trump crew and the roughest, wildest, rawest of the Black Lives Matter peeps! Because I am so marginal, I’ve spent time with both! Now to get them all together, cooperating toward a common goal - that would be something! Could I ever, ever, ever, ever, ever convince those two groups that they much more in common than they think?

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