Since it’s been Democrats who have carried the ball on all these trendy notions of social justice and diversity and all that awesomely fair-minded stuff that they have continually made such a train wreck of with their policymaking,
Aside from this making not a shred of coherent sense and its continually disagreeing with itself, I…
Ron Collins

Fair enough, but it’s not like the pubs don’t have their own various train wrecks. One goes a little something like this:

War! War! war! We always gotta go to war! Murder! Death! Kill! Kill! Kill! War! And more war! And weapons of mass destruction! And more war! And 911! And the patriot Act — or in other words, you have no more civil Rights or civil Liberties. We gotta get rid of all of those! And rich people shouldn’t just be rich. They must be really , really rich!!! And billionaires should all be trillionaires and poor people suck! We hate them! And if you’re not at least a millionaire, you are poor and you suck and you and the other 7 billion people on the planet should just die!

Cause we’re tearing the roof of the mother anyway!!!! More war! And oil! And oil! And oil and oil! We don’t give a damn if we rip the damn planet in half trying to get to it. More oil!!!!

And no more trees! And no nature! No national parks! No foliage and fauna! No clean air! Nothing that sustains life! Just war!

Just miles and miles and miles of dead veterans! (That no one ever knows about unless they happen to live in the DMV area and know these military families who go to Arlington cemetery and trek through acres of muck and mud of all the newly dug graves to visit their dead loved ones who gave their very lives for nothing… but MORE WAR!) so Dick Cheney could be a trillionaire.

Yeah…between the two train wrecks…Clearly the Dems are less destructive…but…maybe not. Truth is they are flip sides of the same coin…you cannot have one without the other.

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