I have a dream…
Since the 2016 election campaign began in earnest, I have been called a racist by many people who…
Steve McGrath

Ha, ha…again I can’t tell if you’re even being serious. Well, you can dream all you want, everyone is racist, as well as being biased in a nearly unlimited number of ways. This is natural. But, if it’s any consolation, you seem to be an ordinary, average sort of racist. Not the hood-wearing, cross-burning, rope handling type.

But me personally? I never f@ck around with the cast of deliverance types…unless it’s absolutely necessary; and sometimes it can’t be avoided. (Oh don’t ask, I live in Virginia, after all.)

But, since you’ve been known to kick it with them, I am quite certain that I will never, ever kick it with you in real life. No never. But, you’re a cool internet friend, though.

See how I’m racist? I don’t deny it. None of us trust that which is too different. I don’t…and I’m pretty open, I think.

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