You have demonized Republicans to the point of absurdity
Stop the Hysteria over Obamacare Repeal
Austin Frank

Have they though? I mean, I will be the first to admit extremists on both sides of the isle are out in orbit, untethered, but, ummm, it seems like there is some really bad stuff going down, attempts to cut healthcare funding for women via Planned Parenhood, gutting of ethics committees, appointing ruthless billionaires to top posts to basically operate their profit-seeking agenda with no regard for human life, repeal of healthcare that will impact millions of Americans- and this is where you start???? This is the agenda day one???

I’m not even on Twitter and I pay very little attention to mass media…I pick up things via word-of-mouth and then I’ll catch little updates on my I-phone. None of this seems to be moving in a positive direction. If something really is bad, it just is. It’s not absurd, it’s true.

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