There’s a huge swath of the self-righteous far-left THAT HELPED TRUMP WIN that wants to read brain-numbing click-bait against neoliberalism and the “establishment,” so she fills the market. I’m not sure how much of a joke Johnstone’s “snark” line was in Reddit, as she claims it was. It seems to me she’s cynically catering to the masses, the people whose head is still in the sand pre-and-post election that I wrote about with hard evidence as essential to Trump winning. (If it was the Democrat party’s fault, it was partly by lining up with the identity politics of the day.)
I think I have space to give Jossif Ezekilov some credit because he once jumped on a post I wrote…
David Shuey

I keep wondering if this is just about a paycheck? Because more than anything, I’d say she’s got that formula down. Can’t really blame her for that, more so her readers, who are falling for the con. Hopefully, she’s got both sides greasing her palm far left and far right. I got to give it up though, she got game!

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