I have been writing and writing and writing about her. I cannot stop. I am writing as fast as I can type, it is just flowing out. I don’t even feel like I’m writing it, it is just under my fingertips, it is just already there. I can’t explain it.
I have been writing and writing and writing about her.
Lisa Williams

I understand this. It’s a way of processing your grief. It’s much healthier than keeping it bottled up. I’m sure it feels obsessive now (I’ve been through this, I had an ex who was murdered, I did the same thing.) But, it will subside in time. It might take a long time. (Ten years for me, but I was probably a special case, because I kept suppressing the grief I didn’t want to process, it kept popping back up, until I started writing and writing and writing and could not stop. So….I wrote a book.)

Anyway, Heather is proud of you. I can tell that you are capturing the essence of her, in all of her special unique splendor. There are those among us who are here just to make this world a better place, and show us all how bright our eternal light can shine, even in a place like this. She was one such soul.

The art is beautiful, like Heather. Your eulogy was beautiful too. I cried. Thank you for sharing with us all.

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