Do you really think it’s secretly Trump’s highest desire to do the bidding of the Russians and sell out the United States?
Spies Are Trying to Bring Down the President of the United States
Austin Frank

If he stands to make billions then sure! It’s really not all that preposterous. But, I agree, that the Flynn thing really doesn’t seem to be that big a deal. But Trump has been kissing off the CIA ever since he took office. They’re really quite dangerous and for him to take them on, all cocky and half-cocked, well that was just foolish, even for Trump. Who didn’t see this coming? I did, and was surprised it took even this long, but wow, it really wasn’t that long. Trump and co didn’t even last a month. He has no one to blame but himself, so arrogant, so cocky and going up against so many powerful people. Really? You thought this was going to fly, really?????

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