Plain speaking is fine, but all such internal battles amongst the public are the ultimate tool by which we all lose.
Agony Uncle
John Hopkins

It is true…and there are so many going, even on Medium, which I wound up here attempting to escape the utter online insanity that is Facebook! There’s no escaping it John! The elites are everywhere! Dividing and conquering wherever people dare to THINK. And they don’t have to work that hard at all, they speak to the rage, that most people have, just a little, and then it spreads, like a virus, shutting down all thought and reason.

I think that guy was right! We are in WWIII, the battle is for everyday people’s hearts and minds…the elites are winning. They have been playing this game for millennia though, I am convinced! All the way back to Egypt! Pharohs convincing people they were Gods.

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