So for any of you who think you’re safe because you’re a straight, white male — start thinking about your kids, their friends, your wives, your girlfriends, your mothers, etc. NONE OF US are safe from this. Someone important to you could be injured or killed just for guilt by association. Someone you love could be sexually assaulted because that’s perceived as ok now. Hopefully that’s not what it takes to get you to wake up.
My first thought when the election was over was that it was time to start fighting for my friends…
Chris Domico

It is true, so glad you took your thought process to step two. I’ve always been really big into human rights, civil rights and social justice for just these reasons. The hate, fear and oppression spread quickly like cancer and it is ridiculous to assume that just because you have a certain set of qualities or rights that it will not affect you. Some really dangerous forces have been unleashed that can affect anyone and everyone. We must all must continue to demand that human beings be treated with decency and respect. This impacts us all. I really don’t care how you voted.

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