To my untrained, naive, European eyes this list looks more than compelling — but the fact is that…
Viktor Hauk

It’s an excellent question Viktor and you deserve an answer. But unfortunately, no one would be able to give you one that would make a lot of sense. Here’s the quick, down and dirty. Americans are very afraid, and are coping with those fears in different ways. Some are coping by voting for Trump. How does this assuage fears you might ask? I don’t really know. It doesn’t seem to be a rationale thought process, but think about it, a black man as President for 8 years and now a woman running for President? It is far more change than some Americans can cope with, so not are they only going back to what’s comfortable (white and male) they are regressing…they are going back to what was comfortable 100 years ago. Trump is a lot like Andrew Jackson, a hateful and destructive president from the late 19th century. There are many Americans who never really left that time or place — and its comfortable to them.

By and large, these Americans are clueless as to International politics and the really complicated global ecosystem that we live in, and how it has been stressed to the max — and these pressures that they are under are everywhere. They don’t understand that — not really. So not understanding the cause of your problem is frustrating, since you want to place blame. But there is no one easy place to place blame. Enter Trump — he says, place the blame on anyone not like you…no scratch that, place the blame on anyone not like ME.

So he provides a solution- albeit a very fake one. But when people are scared they love this particular solution. It’s Hitler’s solution and it worked in terms of getting the German people all riled up by a common enemy and organized and devoted to Hitler.

But this is not Hitler’s Germany, this is America far into a future that is way different. I say all that to say this — Trump can’t turn America into Hitlers Germany and actually has no desire to do so. Everything he’s doing is for his own personal gain, his Brand — the almighty brand. However, he has tarnished that Brand quite a bit by going to far off center. Corporations like brands that they can sell to everyone, not a few angry customers.

Its obvious to those in the International Community that there are millions of Americans who are very easily manipulated. We are manipulated into believing we really have a choice in these elections. We are manipulated into believing the people we elect have choices — they don’t. Not really. Financial pressures determine everything that happens, here and because the system is a global one now, everywhere. Because the financial systems are so unstable now, everything is unstable. Even though most Americans don’t understand this, they sense it. They feel It in their guts. Trump is their Hail Mary. Unfortunately, he’s a fake one.