Imagine you live in a shared reality (VR) that you could choose to take parts with you to partially shape your (need new words here) external, big world reality (AR). The thing is much of the paradigm shift I keep talking about is already here. We’re use to people around us partially in alt realities on their phone, video, or Pokémon Go. So we build this into our political structure.
Maybe we all turn into the skid. . .
Mike Meyer

It’s true. Blows my mind how many different realities the generation underneath me(the millenials) live in. It’s totally different from anything I know or want to know…but they are steadily and steadfast doing exactly what they want to do — completely ignoring the older realities older generations want to enforce upon them. Well, they try anyway.

And maybe they’re right. I mean the times are just so weird.

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