So you just shit on the teachings of MLK.
So you just shit on the teachings of MLK. You can’t beat bigotry with inhumanity.
Robert Carr

Like the same way everyone else in the planet does? Like the Scalise guy does? Every single day? So why is that in the least bit surprising. MLK was hated deeply, by every powerful person of his day. Most people have no idea what MLK teachings even where…it wasn’t just the kumbaya sound bites mass media spouts to try and tamp down black anger and rage…there was a whole hell of a lot more to him an his speeches than that; and no he is not shitting on them. He is approaching the issue from a different angle entirely. And given his experiences, you’d be a fool to expect anything different. He has experienced a lot of racial violence and a lot of homophobic violence, so for him, I am sure all this let’s get along bs — is pterodactyl pointless. Everyone has a breaking point.

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