Capitalism is the state religion of sociopaths.
The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹


And Psychopaths don’t forget them too Hollywood! Call them out! Soulless f@cking demons!

Everything you said is totally on point. Our capitalism is on crack and meth and hop, all at the same time, and being run by addicted sociopaths and psychopaths, who got almost all the sheeple on some codependent bullshit, talking bout trickle down economics works — yeah for a crack head! Sure! If you use crackhead logic, capitalism makes perfect sense.

Two years ago… a fucked up coal company, poured all its coal cleaning chemical waste into the drinking water in West Virginia…and let the people drink it!!!!!!!!!!

And mfers hollering about “coal, coal, coal!” Like WTF??????

Crackhead, capitalist logic. People want to shit where they eat…in the name of capitalism. People actually want to eat shit…in the name of capitalism (cough, McDonalds!)

People literally want to drink poison, in the name of capitalism…WTF?

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