Soros manages to get credit for humanitarian projects but those who have looked more closely find…
Lorna Salzman

These are all valid points, and though I know very little about this Soros, the fact that he is this white billionnaire, affiliated with the BLM movement makes me suspicious. Like, hey, what are you really up to buddy? Cause clearly it ain’t no bleeding heart concern for the fate or lives of black people. I think that there are all these disruptive and destabilizing forces, trying to harm all the nations that have a stable middle class, because think about it, that is the only group of people with the resources and the motivation to press for standards of human decency. These standards do not benefit the ultra wealthy, in any way, and while they greatly benefit the very poor, the poor cannot gather the resources to press for these standards -so wipe out the middle class- you got a limitless pool of human resources to ridiculously exploit. That probably is the end goal of a very elite few.

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