And of course it is. What passes for the “center” in American politics today is two increasingly indistinguishable political parties which both aggressively push for exploitative neoliberal policies at home and bloodthirsty neoconservative policies abroad, so people are scrambling away from it toward whatever’s the nearest emergency exit. Even if they haven’t done enough research to clearly articulate why they feel the way they feel, they know they’re being screwed over and they know they’re sick of the fake pundits and politicians on TV who are clearly lying to them.
Lefties Need To Stop Being Shy About Working With The Anti-Establishment Right
Caitlin Johnstone

This is it exactly. The collective American mind right about now. Where is the nearest exit? We all want to know!

This feels like the Titanic. And they have locked a lot of us in on the lower levels, waters rushing in, cannot even think about getting to a life boat.

They are trying to keep the whole bitcoin thing a secret…and yet its being used all over the world, breaking away from America’s petro dollar.

As far as lefties and righties working together, I don’t know…people really go for that divide and conquer bullshit and have been going for it for millennia. How can you get two groups of people who believe that they are complete and total enemies to find that common ground?

Clearly it is there. 90% of all Americans are in the same f@cking boat (the bottom levels of the Titanic) cause if you ain’t got at least a cool ten million ain’t no life boat on deck for you.

But most don’t recognize this. They are far too busy beating on all the other people in the bottom levels on the boat. Pushing them down to lower levels. Blaming them for their inability to get to the top deck where the life boats are at.

As for me…I do listen to pieces of information brought to light by the far right, because some of the information — and I have to stress some-is accurate.

But you have to be very careful. The best and most convincing lies have sprinkles of truth through out. Almost all media is corrupted in this way, at this point

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