the women have been taught by society to treat each other horribly, while trying to get the attention of men who objectify them, while complaining that all men do is objectify them.
The people questioning CH’s advice on women supporting women based on HRC’s supposedly fatal…
Jonathan Payne

Well…no one is really saying anything, because no one can disagree. So…this is the part where most women like to pretend that they have no idea what you are talking about cause looking directly into that mirror is all sorts of uncomfortable.

And the men who totally get off on this sort of thing (and are legions of them) do not want this truth in the spot light. Oh no. So they too ignore this, hoping it gets tossed to the side as worthless commentary.

Thank God, for men who live their daughters. Stunned that there are seemingly so few of them, but for those of you speaking out, keep it up. It matters, tremendously. Your little girls will love you forever for it.

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