I repeat: go look in the mirror, then come back and tell me how not-really-so-awful your country is when it comes to its sense (or lack thereof) of foreign affairs.
You dont know crap.
Sean Stephane Martin

What do you know about Oscar Romero, assassinated arch Bishop, and the Civil War in El Salvador, caused in large part, by American interference?

What do you know about having a grown man, originally from El Salvador, crying and shaking l, saying “I never knew why we left, until you showed this film Romero.” Which I showed to my community college students every semester to teach them about human rights.

What do you know about vets coming home (or not coming home) after war, unable to sit through a single class unshaken, because of PTSD, writing essays like, “why Does God Hate Me?”

What do you know about it?

Apparently, I know nothing. So I am going to go and look in the mirror.

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