I taught my bi-racial son to flip anyone off that told him who he was supposed to be because of his race. To never fill out a form that asks for his race… or if he must, just select “white” and that way, he can know that everything he got, he earned. He never has to doubt himself or his abilities.
It seems to me you are confused between identity and identity politics.
Ryder Spearmann

WOW. I have to say I find this kinda disturbing. I don’t really pretend to understand the term “identity politics” because it seems to be another one of those terms designed exactly for the purpose of distorting and confusing a multitude of issues. But identity, is a huge part of a person’s life whether they decide to recognize it or not. Encouraging people to deny any part of their personality is destructive, I think. So to advise your child to deny a part of their identity…I don’t know.