Hence the nearly complete inability of the right in Congress to create any kind of policy since the political system collapsed into their laps. They were having trouble doing anything against an intelligent, mildly democratic president other than hold endless hearings on imaginary topics and are now in the final stage of collapse. Their (right and left) desperate last stand is panicky passing wild bills late at night or trying to contain the violently impulsive idiot that was forced on them. On the right you have some of the stupidest people ever to sit in Congress and on the left old boys waiting to retire and very young, third stringers looking for a career and realizing they made a bad choice. So much for right and left.
What Replaces Right and Left?
Mike Meyer

Wow. So sad but true. In 2008, I knew we were in trouble. Deep in my bones, I knew it. I was thinking, the shell game has been exposed- next comes the collapse; and I knew it wouldn’t come all at once and I knew Barack Obama couldn’t prevent it either. It was way to big of a con for anyone president to turn around. But he did exactly what I thought he would, band-aid the cancer. Clearly that would only work for so long. I never imagined what would come after Obama. I knew it wouldn’t be good. I imagined it would be someone incompetent, because competent people do not sign up for mission impossible. I never imagined A Trump, but now hindsight 20/20, it’s obvious why he’s who we got.