Rwanda is taking steps to eliminate pervasive corruption in their public health system. They recently sacked their Health Minister after an audit revealed troubling fraud, waste and misuse of funding at both the national and local levels of the public health system. Unfortunately, she was one of Bill and Hillary’s close contacts. I’m sure they will miss her.
As you have suggested, Rwanda has made great progress in the delivery of healthcare to their…
Steve McGrath

Wow. You sure know a lot about Rwanda! I know very little, like they had a hotel. Also a trial on International war crimes, that was precedent setting.

Anyway, skimming Umair’s post and skimming yours as well, it is not as if one refutes the other. (I don’t think.) Umair’s point is Rwanda is more progressive than we are. Your point is we are paying for that progress. Isn’t that insult to injury? Our healthcare systems sucks, everyone else’s is relatively better, and, in the case of Rwanda, we’re paying for that?!?

If nothing else, this should sound all kind of alarms in American minds. Something is not right. But really, this is the tip of the iceberg, we pay for all kinds of things that do not benefit us directly, and Rwandan healthcare is a drop in the bucket.

But US Aid is never this big altruistic, golly gee we just wanna help yall endeavor. There are always strings attached, to the point that many countries don’t want it, and in underdeveloped countries it almost always falls into corrupt bloody hands. So I’m not so sure that Rwanda’s healthcare is as progressive as Umair’s is claiming it to be. It’s probably crap like ours AND we’re paying for it. So it’s a slap in our face, (a very degrading sort of injury) on top of our insult of a broken domestic healthcare system, that we just can’t seem to fix. (I mean we have been talking about fixing this my entire adult life. Damn.)

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