I’m not going to psychoanalyse you but i have feeling that along the line somewhere you have been mistreated by a manager at some point.
You mean arsenic trioxide right?
Matthew Whittington

Wrong. But I have run hundreds of investigations into employee misconduct. Most managers are average. Few are exceptional and few are horrorific. Almost all, however, become ruthlessly vengeful when being investigated. The issue of power and how almost anyone, except for the most spiritual among us, will abuse it, is pretty basic stuff. No need for any psychoanalysis to confirm that.

You try to provide pat glib responses, to really complex issues; and I can’t tell if you are simply misinformed or being purposefully disingenuous out of that deep reflexive need to defend a worldview you hold dear. If it’s the latter, there no point in any further discussion. You will cling to those Fox News sound bites as if they were a life preserver and you were in the middle of the ocean and not a ship in sight.

If it’s the former, you need to research the laws that you think exist to bring regular people relief from corporate corruption. They are pretty flimsy, and the Trump admin is working tirelessly and ferociously to render them completely nonexistent. In fact, I’d say it’s about the only thing that admin has worked on with an extraordinary perseverance and dedication. That and terrorizing the brown immigrant population.

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