Despite Donald Trump’s campaign promise that he “won’t take even one dollar” of salary as President, the White House now says that the President is receiving his monthly paychecks and that he will donate his salary to charity at the end of the year.
What Does Trump Mean When He Says He Will Take No Salary?
Daniel Hemel

Yeah, he lied…again. It’s ridiculous to entertain anything he says as if it is going to be the truth. This entire article, therefore, is an exercise in futility. You might be thinking, if we don’t chase after these various lies, if we don’t chase them down their various rabbit holes we will never get to the truth. Well…you’re never going to get to it anyway. Even if the funds do get donated, in any amount to a charity, it’s not going to be a real charity. It will be a charity that paints 10 by 20 foot portraits of Trump and auctions them off to the highest bidder, and then returns those funds to Trump for the further enrichment of and self-aggrandizement of Trump — as that is the one constant truth in all of this. Trump for Trump and only Trump.

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