I’d never seen hate in the open the way it existed in Michigan and Illinois and northern Indiana. Deliverance level shit? I’ve only seen that in Detroit.
I understand.

Yeah…I’m from Cleveland, and spent a good amount of time in Chi-town so believe you me, I KNOW, that racism too.

I’m just saying it’s different from Southern racism, not kinder, gentler or better, just different.

In the Midwest it’s more like, “I wish they would all just die or go back to Africa” whereas in the South it’s “I wish they were still our slaves.”

Either way, it’s extraordinarily dehumanizing.

If you had to analyze it very methodically — and make a call on which is worse, I’d agree that probably the Midwestern racism is worse — because it’s about total annihilation, and not just exploitation. But I don’t know, this is again, like a choose your disease sort of dilemma: AIDS or cancer? Both really, really, really suck!

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