We have been told our entire lives (generation to generation) that if we work hard we can achieve whatever we wish. Yet someone forgot to add one detail to that adage: you must be born into a world of opportunity and choice.
Poverty is a choice. They say.
Dina Leygerman

Yeah these are conversations that no one with the least little bit of privilege wants to have, because then they would have to admit that they’re not the least bit special. Their situation is the luck of the draw…and the people least likely to admit this are the ones who really did climb their way out of the pits (over several dead bodies that they killed, I might add), because they really need to believe that they are special and that they’re total disregard for human life, that they exhibited on the climb out was justified.

Working hard might get you somewhere, and it might not. Usually luck and privilege have to come into play as well, and if you’re a vicious, cheating, lying unethical type with a killer instinct, that will serve you better and faster than hard work ever would, but these aren’t the conversations we ever have about success. We all just keep lying about it, acting as if hard work was ever all that important piece of the equation. It’s probably almost entirely irrelevant, in most cases.

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