I’m in too. I am definitely a line crosser, although I have my own lines.
Wow…probably shouldn’t have read all of the threads before responding — so much going on here, and…
Sherry Kappel

Yes you are! Awesome suggestions! This is exactly what I’m talking about! We need to hear these things!

I’ve been waiting to hear from a bonafide Southerner on the topic (hint, hint Steve McGrath) — then I thought I had with you, and I was like Yes!

Then I realized, you’re a yank just like me. We’re just visitors still even though we’ve been here for years and years. We see the situation through different lenses, and I actually feel empathetic towards these Southerners, because, when it comes to race they’re really stuck in an uncomfortable spot, and have been in the same spot for well over a century.

And so, last year when I heard about the decisions to take some of the confederate monuments down, (and in South Carolina no less!) I knew we were in for a real bumpy ride.

I’m so glad you’re doing the work. I’d love it if you would do an article on it for Crossing the Colorlines.

I just want to get the best practices out there. Alexainie and Zelda Krumlauf, I’m looking forward to hearing from you two as well!