It is profoundly sad that the complexity of real life and a despicable minority has so completely broken you, forcing you to curl up in such a defensive, hateful fetal position.
This one of the more ass-ignorant, intellectually lazy pieces of cowardice I’ve seen online, which…
Andrew Endymion

You know, you make some interesting points. But I don’t see him this way. What I don’t understand about your perspective is how you expect that people can endlessly endure oppression, violence, hatred, etc and not become bitter cynical, reckless, angry, enraged etc. it is an unrealistic expectation, I think. Furthermore l, such a person isn’t broken. They are responding to external stimuli in a completely reasonable manner, they wat that most people will. Now I personally, do think the high road should be taken, if one has the opportunity to save a life, any life, they should do it. But this is a spiritual choice based on my own spiritual journey. Everyone is not on my journey however. People have to make their own choices; and this particular choice that he advocates is actually pretty spiritually sound. He is not advocating violence, he is saying don’t interfere in the lives of those who do.

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