Here is a photo of my friend, Kathryn, at sunset by the outdoor practice football field. The coloring of the sky is not how I wanted it to look, especially with the white spot. All I was able to capture was the haze of the sunset.
Here is my same friend, Kathryn, outside in the middle of the day with no shade.
Kathryn, again, but this time in a well shaded area.
Kathryn hard at work in a room with the light that is already present.
The same room with a lamp now turned on towards the subject.
A stack of books illuminated by the light that is already present in the room.
The same stack of books with a lamp shining on them.
Outside in an open-shaded area the same six books are stacked.
Here is an image of someone running inside the Turner Center.
Tennis at night.
Sport in the day time, frisbee.
Here is a photo of an apple rolling across a table. This exhibits the technique of panning.
The use of a parking space as a leading line to the subject of the picture.
Gus wanted to put into practice the rule of thirds.
A bright idea for using depth of field.
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