Assignment 6 — Building a Story Part 1

Ashley Lindsay, a University of Mississippi graduate student, gathers ingredients needed to make her dinner as she stays in on this rainy night. She believes Pam Spray is the most important part of the ingredients beacuse it keeps the food from sticking.
Ashley washes her hands after she played with her dog in the yard, so she can prepare the meal germ, and dog hair, free.
Wild rice is a grain that Ashley’s mom uses back home, so Ashley is happy to bring a bit of home with her to college to make for her dinner.
Sliced zucchini reminds Ashley of ladies in the spa with cucumbers on their eyes. She believes zuchinis are delicious and relaxing!
Ashley is extra cautious of using her new pan. She uses aluminum foil and Pam Spray to make sure the vegetables do not ruin it, even though the pan is supposedly non-stick.
Contrary to the normal stove-top veggies, Ashley likes the drier taste that cooking the vegetables in the oven gives.
Pre-grilled chicken from Walmart, a new type of chicken to Ashley, sizzles as she waits on the last item of her meal to cook.
A meal for one, the food waits to be devoured and tasted to see the results of deliciousness.
Done with her dinner project, Ashley turns on some Michael Bublé and sips on her Vodka Fresca.
Ashley stays on top of her tasks and cleans the kitchen so that there will be no stink or clutter in her sink. This is important to Ashley because she is a bit OCD and wants everything in order.
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