Sherwood Analytics Inc <-> NFT

Ralph Kuepper
3 min readSep 26, 2021

How does a real-life company (Sherwood Analytics Inc.) relate to and with its NFT collection and the holders?

For our NFT seed funding launch we wanted to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Raise funds.
  2. Incorporate the community of future users in the development process.
  3. Build a “board of advisors”
  4. Give people opportunities

In all of the above, we care about diversity and bringing people in from all sorts of backgrounds. In our earliest discussions we already knew that this project would require a good bit of outside perspective. A lot of other apps/platforms in this field are not doing very well because of the lack of external perspective. But let’s dive into the points from above:

Raise funds

We discussed raising funds a few different ways. We did not want to run a seed investment round prior to us having an MVP. So we started building the MVP and we are making great progress. However, we also discovered that having funds would significantly ease our burdens and speed up development. The NFT seed funding round will be layered in various “payouts” from the NFT fund for specific milestones. For example: Only 30% of all raised funds are available for us to use right away. The next 30% are depending on the finishing the MVP. There is a lot more detail that we will share shortly, but the idea is to keep us accountable to our NFT “shareholders”.

Incorporate the community of future users in the development process

A product is only as good as it is tested by real users. Apple, Google and other companies succeed because they deliver what people want. We think we have a fairly good idea here but we want to actually interact with the people who will be our customers. We want to ask honest questions with honest feedback. “Would you pay for this particular feature?” and if the answer is “No” then we need to improve. Our NFT holders are supposed to be the first front of feedback for any type of features and overall development.

And this goes beyond funding, we want Sherwood to be a “from the community for the community” project.

We also care about having different opinions available. We want to hear people give us their opinion who usually are not asked for theirs. No body to small or insignificant to be valuable here! If someone has never bought an NFT at all and this is his first we want to hear that perspective too. Equally we care about someone who has been involved in the stock market for decades.

Build a “board of advisors”

You know how many public companies have a board of directors, advisors etc.? We want that too, but we want it to be our own users and shareholders ultimately. We want to provide our users the tools to become financially successful, so they should be the ones providing feedback. And since they are owning part of the company they are doing it out of self-interest either way, as a user or as an investor.

A board of advisors should have people that can provide insights. For such a product as we develop there is no single point of view and by using NFTs to build this board of advisors we think we can achieve diversity in a natural way.

Give people opportunities

A lot of people are new to the NFT field and we want to help with that. Some people I know are not interested in NFTs because of the lack of intrinsic value (yeah, I know .. but whatever for now). With the SHRWD NFT it is a different story, because the intrinsic value is becoming a shareholder of the company. So it is my hope to bring people on board that don’t like NFTs, but they are on board due to the shareholder-part.

Furthermore we want to encourage people to be part of something big. To be part, not only of a community, but of a project where YOUR (yes, you!) voice is vital and needed. And you can also make money with it — though I want to very clearly say here: You risk losing it all. I promise you we will do our best but ultimately nobody can guarantee any sort of success.