My life: Before and After TQM


Before studying the TQM the cost of poor quality in my life was very high, I was not give any importance to time and did every thing at the 11th hour, due to this my grades was not good at all for example: I used to arrive late at university and missed the starting 10–15 minutes and because of that my concepts was not clear and moreover i marked as absent if the professor took attendance in the first 2 -3 minutes. So, when the exams come i am not consider to sit in the exams because of shortage of attendance and now i have to retake the course again and the cost of that course is double.

After Studying TQM now i understand the importance of time and cost of good quality and now i come 5–10 minutes earlier in the class and give my full concentration during the lecture now my concepts are clear and my attendance is up to mark.

2. PDCA cycle:

This principal change my whole life before studying TQM i was a very disorganized person, I was not familiar with the importance of this cycle and this cycle help me a lot to make me a organized person.

A. Plan: Now i plan for every thing in my life make time table, do planning what are thing most important for me and what are the least important, what is the time urgency of these thing: Is that things requires immediate action or either their is enough time to respond on it, And how i counter these things and what are the optimal action should i take to counter these thing. Its help me a lot to make me an organized person.

B. DO: Doing something is what the most essential you do to achieve your objective. Before when i was not familiar with the TQM most of the time i was unable to take the right action to achieve my objective. But now, after studying TQM i already plan for the things and analyzes their optimal solution So, now i respond it with the most optimal solutions to achieve my objectives.

C. Check: Before studying TQM as i was not check for my actions either these actions are right to achieve my objective or they need some changes. Now, i always check my actions.

D. Act: Before studying TQM it was really difficult for me to take actions on the right time and most of the time i am unable to achieve my objective on time now, TQM enables me to respond on my actions on the right time if i found in checking process that my actions needed some changes.

3. 5'S:

Before studying TQM every thing in my room was out of manner and i spend a lot of time to find things when i needed. now after studying TQM every thing in my room is place according to their standardize place and put in order, every thing was spic and span according to their need and now i don’t spent a lot of time in finding things in my room.

4. Lean:

Before studying TQM i had a very bad habit that i didn’t switch off any button of my room when i was leaving it like i don’t switch off the fan, lights and charger button of my room and due to that my utility bill was increase and wastage of energy as we know their is already a electricity crisis in Pakistan. But after studying TQM i changed my habit now i switched off all buttons of my room when i leave it and due to this i am able reduce a significant amount of my utility bill and save some energy for the country.


Before studying TQM i was unable to make a balance between my work life(study life) and family life and due to this i had suffer a lot of problem when ever any guest arrived at our home i was not entertain them, and because of that my relations with my family members was going in bad way, but After studying TQM now i am able to manage a balance between work life and family life now i made a check list which guest i am supposed to entertain and which not.

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